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Classmate Links

Robyn Wishna Photography

William Weil's Relationship Coaching

Shelley Gelfman Tzorfas' website - Teaching Your Child "How" to Learn Leading to Better School Results!  Bonnie Cohen-Greenberg's company  (name is HS was Bonnie Cohen) - Specializing in ADD, LD, Gifted and Alternative Learners

An excellent short story from our own Jonathan Cohen

Malcolm Roth   We think you're beautiful just as you are; but if you don't Malcolm can help!

Elihu's Rosen's

Bill Weil's Family and Ad Agency and Avocation (Pathwork)

George Brooks, Saxophonist & Composer

GWHHS Commencement Program (PDF) -- this is cool

Amusing?  You decide.

Andy's funny pre-reunion emails

Bill's reunion instructions email

Bill's fatuous coupon for Malcolm (with advance apologies to those who would be offended)

Our classmate, Allan Rosenzweig, is a music composer in Nashville.  Here is a tribute song he wrote for his brother, Phil Rosenzweig, class of 1972, who was a victim of 9/11.  Phil was admitted to the Hewlett High Alumni Hall of Fame in 2002.  Allan plays all the instruments and had one of Aaron Neville's singers come in to do the vocals.  I found it moving and beautiful.  I hope you enjoy it.  -BW