Hi all,

Due to technical problems, I haven't gotten any email this morning, so if you requested something, you'd better call (of all days to have email down). Please use my cell if you need anything: 412.370.5740, or, wiser yet, call Harold at 516.317.6806.

Here's my final update, although I'm thinking there's another handful of people, if not more, who will be attending.  See you tonight!


P.S. Here are some reunion conversation tips!

  1. People are not coming to judge how you turned out. They want to see you and relive their past with you.
  2. Unless you're in Hollywood, nobody really cares about the DETAILS of what you do for a living. They just want to know you're OK.
  3. Exception to b, if you are in prostitution or the mafia. That stuff is always interesting.
  4. I don't give a crap about golf, nor do a lot of others.
  5. Apparently some people really do.
  6. If you try to sell multi-level-marketing stuff or nutrition stuff or proselytize your guru type thing, people will talk about you after leave the conversation.
  7. Addendum to f, those people probably would have anyway. Besides, you're probably used to that by now and don't care. I used to push est. I know.
  8. Everybody just wants to know that you love them.
  9. Even if you're not in touch with it, you probably do.
  10. Don't ever write messages like this. People will give you crap for it.