These were two separate emails from Andy Gold regarding the 2000 reunion.

This first was in response to the logistics of the hotel and venue (Gary Steiner's great LI-Mex restaurant Pancho's Cantina).

The second was in response to his attendance, and the general feeling that non-classmate spouses might not be as interested in attending.



This all sounds great. Why can't we stay at the motel Amy Fisher and

Joey Buttafuoco stayed at? Wasn't she in our class? Was that the same


Do we have to order now?? I'll have a western Taco w/ low-fat sour cream

and no-cholesterol jack cheese. Can I have the Salsa on the side? I don't

mean to be a curmudgeon, but does Gary have high-fiber, whole wheat Taco


Also, if possible, could I have ground Turkey instead of ground beef? If

there is no Turkey, I'll have Ostrich. Also, could that high-fiber Taco

shell I requested be low-sodium??

Now that I think about it, forget the Salsa (too much acid), but could

you put the filling on a bed of Mesclun baby salad mix and give me the

high-fiber whole wheat Taco shell on the side?? Would Gary have Spelt, or

Kelp Taco shells?? You know something?? Let me have the Taco on rye toast.

Rye toast is nice. Also, forget the ground turkey, low-fat sour cream and

no-cholesterol Monterey jack cheese. Also the Mesclun mix has too much fiber

for me. I think I'll have a soft-boiled egg with my nice rye toast. -2

minutes, please.

I'm sorry Bill, I guess it seems like I have completely forgotten about

the reunion. It's just that one can't be too careful these days, what with

high cholesterol, bloated stomach, acid reflux, constipation and high blood

pressure and all.

I really look forward to seeing everyone. Yes, I will be there, probably

about 7:00.


PS Could I get my egg and toast to go???


Dear Bill,

If it is OK, I would like to bring (or have to, as it turns out) a few people with me.

These will be (not in order of importance, necessarily):

My assistant; gastroenterologist; Scwabb representative; trainer; tax adviser; corporate tax adviser; IRA specialist; nutritionist; spiritual adviser; my Rabbi;(the cantor can't come- it doesn't matter, she has laryngitis); yogi; swami; my lawyer; my wife's lawyer; her ex-husband's lawyer; my child's caregiver; Larry-my AOL tech (he's off that night); mechanic; Jerry-who carries all my cell phones, what with all those great different calling plans and carriers; my shrink; the Moil (SP?) that butchered me-the reason I have a shrink (he's paying for my dinner); my boss; business partner; her assistant; hypnotist-so I don't smoke; allergist-unless I do; dietitian; E. N.  T.; Travelers insurance rep; mother-in-law; her assistant; Tennis pro; Golf pro; orthopedist; orthodentist; ornathologist - I collect birds; caterer-Gary's food is always good, my caterer may pickup something; Ali from Barney's-he matches my ties and shirts; Gary from Barney Greengrass-his Nova is sliced sooooo thin; publicist; biographer; travel agent; travel adviser; certified Psychic; Tony Soprano- You tell him he can't come!!

I didn't ask my wife, Kate, if she wants to come, though - I figured this was just for us!

So, if it is no problem, I will be there Friday, but I will need an extra table for 47. 

- Andy