Mr. Harper's Ogden Elementary 6th Grade Class Picture

Top Row (from left):  ?????, Michael Ornstill, ?????, Allyn Veinberg, Carol Browning, David Fishbaine, June Harris
Second row from the top
(from left): Barry Press, ?????, Lori Pine, Debra Uberman, Bonnie (Glanzman) Dopler, Gary Sinnet
2nd from bottom row (from left): Larry Berlant, Mindy Scheinman, Ronald Capon, Shelly Gelfman, Marc Cohen, Carol Goodgold, Billy Lebo
Bottom row (from left):
Debbie Kahn, David Schor, Lori Weiner, Johnny Venokur


(Send me email at if you can identify any of the unidentified kids.)


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